Exercise Note Books

We have in house manufacturing for all kinds of Exercise Note Books for all classes and support customized Branding for Schools.


Text Books

We work with over 150 Publishers across the country in order to procure Text Books for various Classes and Subjects. We coordinate the delivery of the Text Books at our premises in a stipulated time and ensure that the Text Book Sets are made well in advance before the counter sales begin at the School Premises.



We work with leading brands across the country in order to procure various Stationery items. We coordinate the delivery of the Stationery at our premises in a stipulated time and ensure that the same is distributed to Students during counter Sales at the School Premises.


School Bags

We have partnered with a couple of School Bag Manufacturers and thereby, we can provide high quality School Bags of all sizes with customized School branding on it.


School Uniforms & Shoes

We have partnered with multiple manufacturers of School Uniforms and School shoes for both girls and boys. The Products available are summer and winter School uniforms, including school blazers, belts and ties with school logo, black shoes and white sports shoes. T-shirts and caps for special school occasions such as Sports Day, school fests and other school programs are also available.


Computer Peripherals & Accessories

We also deal with the distribution of Computers, laptops, Printers, CCTV Installations, Hi-tech technologies such as face recognition CC cameras, biometric attendance system, both eyeball and thumb impression, smart boards for classrooms, RF – ID trackers for students as well. With the help of these products, running your institution would be a lot more convenient and simplified.


Trophies & Medals

We provide various types of trophies, Cups, customized medals, certificates and Merit Cards to cater to the needs of the Institute’s programs and events.


ID Cards, School Diaries and Magazines

We deal with designing and printing of ID cards for students, staff and teachers according to the way you would like it customized. Designing and printing of school diaries, report cards for all classes, school magazines, school prospectus and brochures are also taken care of by us.


International & Domestic Educational Tours

We offer various inbound and outbound national and international packages. Our team has collaborated with NASA, USA and similar packages in Singapore, Japan, China and Australia. We can custom design inbound and outbound packages as per specifications stipulated to us by Institutions.